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Steven Lavaggi

Steven Lavaggi has been a professional artist for well over 42 years. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tennessee, with a Major in Painting. In the early 70’s he worked for the recording industry on various record label projects including album and CD cover designs.

In 1979 he was a guest in the home of the late surrealist master artist Salvador Dali, in Cadeques, Spain. Dali expressed genuine delight in certain of Lavaggi’s paintings and took him on a personally guided tour of his Theatre-Museum, which is located in Figueres, Spain. This is where Dali is now buried.

Lavaggi paints with oils or acrylics on canvas and is known for an idealized style of imagery. The word “tranquil” is often associated with the sensation people say they feel as they view his work.

In 1998, Steven was an invited guest of the South African Parliament on a speaking tour with Martin Luther King’s niece. It was in Soweto that Lavaggi’s angel sculptures were inspired to be named the “Angels of Reconciliation”. Since then the sculptures have become a symbol of Hope and Reassurance for the times we live in. An entirely successful jewelry line has formed from this original concept as well.

Lavaggi’s creative expressions transcend merely static art on walls and ascends to levels of experience which evokes tranquility and peace along with exhilaration and joy. This is art which speaks to the soul. As Lavaggi endeavors to express the intangible spiritual dimension of life, his creative intent through art and jewelry is to express faith, hope and especially love. Without love we are nothing. Yet all that we do with a sincere heart of love will last for all eternity.

His art is in the collections of numerous celebrities involved in the entertainment industry (see collectors list), as well as in corporate collections. Steven’s Trompe L’Oeil (trick of the eye) murals are in celebrity homes, corporate offices, restaurants and even church altar pieces, from Beverly Hills and Malibu to penthouses on Park Ave, NY.