How do I Register?

Register with Robinhood Auctions bidding platform. Once registration is completed, you can place bids on our site.

How Can I Update My Account/Shipping Information?

Once your account is set up, you can update Your Account information.

How Do I Start Bidding?

In order to be able to bid on Robinhood Auctions, you will need to create an account. Once registered, you can start placing bids on our site. We reserve the right to block non-paying bidders and limit new account activity. This is a safeguard against fraudulent bidders, which allows us to maintain a fair auction environment.

What Is an Auto Bid?

Placing an auto bid or absentee bid is your best bet at winning an auction without constantly monitoring your desired lots. It is the easiest way to bid on an auction. Simply enter the highest price you're willing to pay for an item, and we do the rest. Our system will bid on your behalf – enough to keep you in the lead, but only up to that limit. The system will only apply the lowest amount needed to outbid others. If someone outbids you, we'll let you know so you can decide if you want to increase your maximum limit. Auto Bids are anonymous and other users won't be able to see them.

Can I Change My Max Bid Amount?

Yes, you can change your maximum bid by any bid button for a specific listing.

What Is a Buyer's Premium?

In auctions, the buyer's premium is a percentage additional charge on the hammer price (winning bid at auction) of the lot that must be paid by the winner. The Buyer's premium will be mentioned in the Auction Terms & Conditions.

How Can I Keep Track of My Auction Bids?

You can see a list of all your active bids on your account page.

Can You Ship To A P.O. Box?

Our shipping carriers won't accept a P.O. box address. Please register your account with your physical shipping address.

Can I Pick Up My Items Instead of Having Them Shipped?

As a company policy, we don't allow the pickup of items. We can waive shipping costs if you can provide us with a pre-paid label. Please contact us if you would like us to ship on your account and we will send you a release authorization form. Our operation is set up to ship all orders and we have found that pick up of items is causing issues more often than not.

How Do I Know If I've Won an Auction?

You can see your won items on your account page and you should receive an email from us informing you of your win.

Can I Retract a Bid?

No. Just like a live auction, placing a bid shows your intent to purchase an item. If you placed an accidental bid, please contact us as soon as possible. Too many "accidental bids" might result in your account being blocked for future bidding.

Will You Combine My Items to Save Shipping Costs?

Yes, we will try our best to combine items to save you on shipping. This is one of the reasons why we send you an invoice after the auction ends. Please note, some items can't be combined. If you have any questions or concerns regarding shipping costs, please contact us.


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