Robinhood Auctions

Rina Maimon

We welcome the “Comic Genre” of Rina. The young, fun-loving, exuberant artist entertains us with her splash of animated whimsy. She brings to her canvases a modern, lavishly rainbow colored world of fantasy with frolicking hybrid characters. Full of adult humor, we get to chuckle with her poking fun at our faults and frailties.

Between paints and brushes in her father’s art studio, it was there that the young Rina started to explore with shapes, colors and brush strokes. Rina Maimon, daughter of the internationally acclaimed artist, Isaac Maimon and drama teacher Deborah Maimon, was born In Tel Aviv in 1989. As a very young girl she found her artistic inspiration amidst her father’s studio and began admiring the linear compositions of Mondrian and the whimsical style of other contemporary artists.

We also see the influence of earlier Pop-artists, as Peter Max, in her characters and plains of vivid color. She explains, “I use schematic drawings, colored compositions to duplicate reality; creating my own colors in my mind, and finally creating my uniqueness.” Her fluid animal like characters are colorful in another way too, as they have an instinctive passion for pleasure. We are delighted by their charm and gaudy dress, as we are in their fun nature.

Rina found her Jewish heritage to be a big influence on everything happening in her life. At an outstanding school for gifted children, Rina found herself in a program called the“Old Souls” that gave her the opportunity to explore her creativity freely.