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Lee White


Lee White’s journey through life as an artist began when he was twelve. Born in Miami, Florida in 1948, he received the mayor’s trophy for artists sponsored by the Miami Herald. His journey then carried him to California, where he studied at the California College of Commercial Design, the City College of Los Angeles, The Santa Monica Art League, and the University of Southern California, culminating in a fine arts degree at the Calfornia Institute of Arts. In the seventies and early eighties, White concentrated on serigraphy under the tutelage of Warren Woodward, the famed master of printmaking. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, he began working with Kamy Deljou, a leading serigrapher/printer in the southeast. For Lee, the development, evolution, and growth of his present style – the compelling power and uniqueness of the range of humanistic insight which Lee lays down on each of his canvases – matured here while working with Kamy and his other peers at Graphique Du Jour Studios. When humanistic art is expressed in figurative form, Lee White defines the complete Figurative. It is that simple. It is that conclusive. Lee’s Figuratives are textured emotions from the invisible smooth to the rawest raw – you are there compelled. From his birth in Florida to his youth in California, and to Atlanta and the exotic islands of the Caribbean, varying cultures evolved through Lee into what we see today – an ongoing journey. His prolific work, original figuratives, abstract expressionism, still lives and collage are in many private and corporate collections. They are widely exhibited in the United States, Europe, and throughout the world.