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David Schluss


Bright colors, bold designs, and a feeling of exuberance characterize the paintings of Israeli-born artist David Schluss. Although his work takes inspiration from modernists such as Chagall and Miro, Schluss employs his own individual style, working without the aid of any tools. Instead, he relies on his palms and fingers to shape his artistic vision. This literal hands-on approach infuses his paintings with a touch of joy and whimsy, and has led to Schluss’ work being exhibited in museums and private collections around the globe.

He is truly an international artist: David Schluss, born in 1943 and spending his childhood in Jaffa, Israel, pursued his artistic studies in Montreal, Canada, and now calls south Florida home. It's possible to find David Schluss screen prints and art work for sale at several galleries in the United States, and collectors can find contemporary silkscreen prints for sale at Invaluable.