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Bill Mack


Born in Minneapolis in 1944, artist Bill Mack has developed a sculpture style uniquely his own. Though Mack has no formal art training, his early work as a draftsman prepared him to make the jump from producing bronze medallions as a freelance artist to creating contemporary sculptures for galleries worldwide. Avant-garde sculptures by Bill Mack incorporate substances like silicone and resin that give his work a unique immediacy and lifelike quality. Artist Bill Mack's most memorable pieces are sculpted from remnants of the original Hollywood sign. He acquired the sign after it fell into disrepair and was in storage for about 25 years. From it, he formed the likeness of Golden Hollywood actors like Rita Hayworth and James Dean. Everyone from presidents to celebrities collected these and other pieces of Bill Mack's art for sale.Browse one-of-a-kind figure sculptures for sale at Invaluable to diversify your art portfolio.