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Yuval Wolfson


Yuval Wolfson reflections on emotion, consciousness, and time through his unique artistic perspective. 

With an ability to subtly portray light and explore humanity through non-human motifs, Wolfson’s art has become a favorite among collectors around the world.

Wolfson lives and creates in south Florida USA. Was born near Tel Aviv, Israel in 1966. He spent much of his childhood with his grandfather, award-winning poet Y.Z. Shargel. It was through his interactions with his grandfather and his creative friends that Wolfson became interested in the art world.

“I started painting at an early age when I was a little kid, like everyone paints, I just didn’t stop from there,” Wolfson says.

He considered other career paths, but ultimately chose to become an artist. He earned a scholarship from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and attended the prestigious Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv.

Wolfson studied painting at the institute, but left a year later to study directly under his teacher, Naftali Golomb *, for several years. Wolfson preferred this method of learning over formal study because he could focus on honing his technique.