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Walter Dendy Sadler


Hailing from a family of artists, Walter Dendy Sadler showed an early talent for painting. In 1870, at just 16 years of age, Sadler enrolled at London’s Heatherley School of Fine Art. He studied for two years before moving to Germany to continue sharpening his skills. By 1873, two prominent galleries in England had exhibited artist Sadler’s paintings, cementing his reputation as an adept genre painter. 

Paintings and etchings by Walter Dendy Sadler highlight everyday people in comical situations or with exaggerated expressions. With his attention to background details in his paintings, artist Sadler provided keen insight into domestic Victorian settings. His humorous depictions of monks completing their everyday tasks like fishing or cooking also brought renown. Indeed, one such painting was among the first collected by Henry Tate. Unsurprisingly, W Dendy Sadler prints’ value continues to increase. Find other legendary European paintings for sale at Invaluable to develop your artwork collection.