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Vincent van Gogh


Vincent Van Gogh’s prints depict flowers, landscapes, and street scenes set in the late 19th century. Born in 1853, he worked as an art dealer and then as a preacher before discovering his artistic calling. After several years working with Dutch artists, he moved to Paris where the Impressionists inspired him. His artistic career was haunted by mental illnesses that profoundly influenced his work.

Vincent Van Gogh’s drawings and paintings are bold, colorful, and spontaneous. Although a relatively unknown artist during his life, his techniques greatly influenced 20th century art after his suicide at the age of 37. As his fame grew, the value of Vincent Van Gogh’s prints increased. His original masterpieces such as The Starry Night and Irises have fetched immense prices, but many Vincent Van Gogh prints are still available. View life through another’s eyes, and treat yourself to the world of splendid genre prints for sale online.