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Thomas Kinkade


Growing up in the Sierra Mountains area of California offered artist Thomas Kinkade plenty of subject matter. Thomas Kinkade paintings are world renowned for their quaint country cottages, covered bridges, and lush garden landscapes. Using oil as his primary medium, Kinkade focuses on atmosphere and the play of light as key aspects of his work. Critics often panned his paintings as they felt they were over produced and kitschy, but Kinkade Christmas prints remain popular among art collectors and enthusiasts for their nostalgic Americana imagery.

Thomas Kinkade paintings were also created for the Disney Dreams Collection, including Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love and Sleeping Beauty. Thomas Kinkade original painting values have grown, with many a part of private collections, but large prints can be purchased for around several hundred dollars. View the world through an artist’s eyes by purchasing a beautiful landscape print online to add to your home or office.