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Robert Redbird


Robert Redbird, Sr. (1939-2016) was a Native American artist from Oklahoma whose work embodied his culture. He was abandoned by his father and was taken in by his Kiowa grandparents. He began painting at age eight and used the stories told to him by his grandfather and tribal leaders as the subject matter for his work. He hoped that his paintings would help to preserve their way of life.

Robert Redbird’s paintings and prints use mediums including acrylic, oil, pen and ink, gouache, pastel, and watercolor. His pieces have won numerous awards at art shows and are exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute. Popular Robert Redbird paintings and artwork for sale include Moving On and Peyote Power. Redbird passed away in 2016 from a prolonged illness. Since then, many of his 15 children have committed to continuing his work. You’ll find an array of Americana watercolor paintings on offer at Invaluable, from antique to modern, originals and prints.