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Pieter The Younger Brueghel


(b 1546; d Antwerp1638) Eldest son of the eminent Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel, The Younger Bruegel became a well-known artist in his own right. Even though his father died when he was very young, Pieter The Younger made a career of copying his father’s paintings. He was trained by a Flemish landscape painter and became a master in the Saint Luke’s Guild in Antwerp in 1585. Very skilled in the use of oil and tempera paint, Pieter the Younger created such convincing copies of his father’s paintings that some were confused as originals. In addition to working as a copyist, he also painted his own landscapes, religious scenes and fantasy paintings. His tendency to include fire and grotesque figures in his works earned him the moniker “Hell Brueghel.” Pieter The Younger spent his entire life in Antwerp, never traveling to Italy like many of his fellow artists. He was the head of a large workshop which produced a few notable pupils and he died at the old age of seventy-three.