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Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Pierre-Auguste Renoir's drawing talent garnered attention for him while working in a porcelain factory as a teenager. This began his artistic career as a painter of fine porcelains. Eventually pursuing formal study under the Swiss painter Charles Gleyre, Renoir met the painters, including Claude Monet, with whom he would co-found the Impressionist movement. With the independent showing of the Impressionists, Pierre Auguste Renoir's paintings and artwork for sale attracted the attention of Victor Chocquet, a collector who commissioned a portrait. Renoir's work as a portrait painter gave him the financial freedom to travel.

A trip to Italy convinced the artist that Impressionism lacked structure, and he turned to more classical styles of art. With an emphasis on composition and drawing, Pierre-Auguste Renoir created works such as Luncheon of the Boating Party and many of his most lauded sensual portraits of women. Enrich your life with many enchanting and iconic portrait prints for sale and at auction.