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Ozz França

Brazilian-born artist Ozz Franca began his career as a Disney movie painter and later worked on eclectic portraits of leading Hollywood stars. He is best known, however, for his dreamlike oil paintings of contemporary American Indians, as well as for his oil studies of melancholy children, spotlighting their huge, sad eyes.

Many prize Ozz Franca prints for their interplay between light and color. His Big Eyed children portraits, conveying palpable sentimentality, have a muted tonality in which color distinction is between light and shadow. Artist Ozz Franca’s entirely mystical American Indian portraits combine vibrant color with ethereal, shimmering light. The portraits that comprise Ozz Franca’s art for sale are available as signed proofs and lithographic prints. Add to your collection and find other evocative portrait prints for sale at Invaluable or at auction.