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Marcia Turner Petyarre


Marcie Turner Petyarre (also known as Marcia) was born in 1973 and comes from Utopia Community in Central Australia. Utopia is a well known Aboriginal community which has produced some of the most talented contemporary Aboriginal artists including the famous and highly collectable Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

Marcie is the daughter of Margaret Turner Petyarre (who sadly passed away in 2009) and it was through her mother that Marcie learned her skills and Dreaming stories. Marcie has also been under the guidance of well known and collectable artists Kathleen and Gloria Petyarre. Marcie has been considered one of the up and coming talents of the Utopian women artists in Central Australia however she has not spent a great deal of time painting in recent years.

Awelye (Women’s Body Paint Design) is a well known Dreaming depicted by many women from Utopia. Marcie has developed her own unique style for her Awelye design which is quite different to many other artists.

Central Art has several of her artworks still available in this design which depicts the ceremonies where Anmatyerre women will apply body markings with Typale to their upper body, breasts and thighs. Ochre rocks which is ground down with some water, is used as a paste like paint in various colours to apply the markings. During these women’s ceremonies many song lines and dance cycles