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Larissa Holt

Nature has intrigued Larissa Holt since she was a young child in Massachusetts. Her love and curiosity of the natural world had inspired her to try and capture its inherent beauty in some artistic form.

As an elementary student she amazed her teachers with her innate talent and persistence. At the early age of twelve she was chosen to design and paint a mural for her school. In high school she neglected her traditional studies to paint, sketch, and sculpt. It was during these years that she first had the opportunity to showcase her art in three local public exhibitions.

After high school Holt decided to pursue a career in commercial art while fulfilling her desire to produce fine art. The next two years provided her with the time to develop her personal style and prepare for her formal art education. In 1981 she married Eddie Holt and he convinced her to attend college to study fine art. She concentrated her studies in painting, ceramics and sculpture. During her education she participated in two group exhibitions. After graduating from college in 1984 she returned to commercial design while she pursued advanced courses. Holt was also appointed to a two year term as Co-Chairperson of the Templeton Arts Council, Templeton, MA.

In the years between 1984 and 1986 she traveled extensively throughout the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Holt wanted to visit the most pristine areas of North and South America to amass a portfolio of scenery for her artistic studies.

In the Spring of 1986 Holt and her husband decided to relocate to Monterey, CA. Upon her arrival she immediately began establishing herself as an illustrator and graphic designer. She illustrated for Monterey Life Magazine, Coast Weekly and several smaller publications.

In 1988, Holt was hired by Eyvind Earle, a noted Disney artist, as an assistant serigrapher for his Monterey studio. While there she had the opportunity to learn all facets of fine art serigraphy from Mr. Earle. In 1989 Holt left Earle’s Studio to concentrate her energies on her own art.

In 1989, Larissa and her husband (a serigrapher, too) began their association with Chris Lewis Fine Art. She also worked with Neal Doty in the production of his fine art serigraphs. Soon thereafter, Holt began creating and producing her own fine art serigraphs in the CLFA studio. Her first serigraph, “Island Cypress,” was released in October of 1990 and was featured in many prominent national galleries – Chabot Galleries, Coast Galleries, Austin Galleries, NY Art Expo, and many more venues throughout the country.

In 1991, Holt left Chris Lewis after he decided to relocate to Las Vegas to work with his father – Jerry Lewis. In 1992, Larissa created, with her husband, Coast Serigraphics for Coast Galleries where they created serigraphs for the Henry Miller Centennial Collection. After the serigraph collection was completed, she and her husband created their own publishing company, Holt Creative Arts, to publish and market her art.

After several years in the Monterey Bay area Larissa relocated her studio to the Willamette Valley in central Oregon to be closer to the rugged Cascades, dewy valleys, and the unadulterated Oregon coastline.

In 1995 Holt and her husband opened their own art gallery in Eugene while she continued to paint, print and attend college. In 1998, Holt and her husband closed their gallery to concentrate their energies on their growing family. In 2001, Holt finished her BA and spent the next several years with her family while she painted privately outside of the national art spotlight.

During the years which followed the release of her first 3 serigraph editions, Holt has proven her skills as a printmaker and artist. Her work has won several first place and People’s Choice awards in both silkscreen and oil mediums. She has had several solo and group exhibitions in Seattle, Centralia, Portland, Florence, Eugene, New York, Big Sur, Pebble Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Denver.

Holt’s most recent efforts have included commercial and private commission pieces as well as book illustrations for a national publishing house. Her most recent book illustration has been Pinkerton Waltz, by Mike Thessen. In the last three years Holt has produced and sold over 250 originals, has created and sold over 25 giclee editions. Her work has been collected extensively by both private and corporate collectors. Currently her originals, prints and giclees are available through her publishing company directly, or through a select group of prominent galleries and internet retailers.