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Joan Miro


Spanish artist Joan Miró was one of modern art’s pioneers. His search for non-objectivity led him to sorties into Fauvism, Surrealism, and Cubism, as he refused to restrict his work to one style or medium. Miró geared all of his work toward breaking with the traditional, whether in his paintings, ceramic pieces, bronze sculptures, or prints. One hallmark of Joan Miró paintings is the mixing of precisely rendered imaginary objects along with commonplace objects. Joan Miró’s prints were, like his paintings, experiments in breaking the conventions of art. While many of his works had a common theme, Miró refused to limit himself in his representation of images. Rather than creating art that totally abstracted reality, Miró pointed the way toward non-representational works. Many artists can trace their inspiration back to Joan Miró paintings. See the world a different way by viewing abstract prints for sale at Invaluable.