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Jean (1930) Picot

Artist Jean-Claude Picot, a French landscape painter since the 1940s, brought Post-Impressionism into the modern era, drawing inspiration from the Fauvist school of Matisse and Derain. Jean-Claude Picot paintings are best known for their saturated, contrasting colors of scenes from the panoramic Cote d’Azur, with its shifting coastline elevations, scenic beaches and harbors, and singular natural light.

Jean-Claude Picot, an artist who uses a range of media that include oils, acrylics, watercolors, and embellished serigraphy, enriches simple forms with vibrant colors, whether visitors, boats, trees, or shops. He then juxtaposes them against pastel hues for capturing light and space. The result is a cheerfulness of structure against calming backdrops, reflecting his ever-present theme of carefree Mediterranean life. Jean-Claude Picot prints in lithograph and serigraph are highly sought after in galleries, in addition to his original paintings in pre-Cubist abstract styling. You can find an array of comparable abstract paintings for sale at Invaluable.