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Howard Behrens


Artist Howard Behrens had a passion for traveling to tropical locations and painting them using large amounts of paint and a palette knife instead of a brush. His paintings were created in the Expressionist style, and the play of light on his landscapes draw the viewer’s focus. Behrens studied art at the University of Maryland, and after obtaining his Masters in painting and illustration, he obtained a position as a government graphic designer. During his vacations he traveled to Italy and across the U.S., painting buildings and landscapes.

From the 1980s onward, artist Howard Behrens’ serigraphs included a number of limited edition pieces that were hand embellished; this was a world first. Howard Behrens’ prints garnered even more acclaim after he was chosen to be the official artist of the Winter Olympics in 2002. Browse other Expressionist serigraphs for sale online and at auction on Invaluable.