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Guy Buffet


Artist Guy Buffet grew up in an art-loving home. Artists like Chagall, Picasso, and Matise had lived in his neighborhood, and his father would show him their homes, studios, and favorite spots. At 14, artist Guy Buffet transferred out of public school to attend Beaux Arts School of Toulon. Buffet joined the French Navy at 18 and was named their official artist, and the Guy Buffet collection grew. Many of Guy Buffet's prints are inspired by this travels during his time in the navy.

In 1963, he and other sailors went hitchhiking during shore leave in the South Pacific. They were given a lift by a local mayor who later visited their ship and saw Buffet's paintings. He offered to put Guy Buffet's posters into a one-man an exhibit. Since then, many Guy Buffet prints have been commissioned for use on a variety of well-known products. Fill your home with vibrant, exotic lithograph prints for sale depicting far-flung corners of the globe.