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Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter of European and Native American descent. Kahlo contracted polio as a child and had a different education than her siblings, being enrolled in German college and then the National Preparatory School, where she was one of the first 35 girls accepted. At Preparatory, Kahlo met Diego Rivera, her future husband. Frida Kahlo’s original paintings were the result of teaching herself to paint during her long recovery from an almost fatal car accident. 

Frida Kahlo drawings and feminist modern art were groundbreaking, and are still studied today in relation to feminism and colonialism. Frida Kahlo’s paintings for sale of herself remain some of her most famous works. After many life-changing traumas, she died in her childhood home (Casa Azul) in 1954. You’ll find Frida Kahlo drawings, highly prized by collectors, all over the world. Add the perfect piece to your own collection with one of the stunning portrait paintings for sale at Invaluable.