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Fanch Ledan


Artist Fanch Ledan focused on lithography, and in 1975 Tallandier in Paris published his first full edition of lithography prints. Fanch Ledan's serigraphs are a reflection of his imagination, and his subjects vary from life experiences to the intimate interiors of homes. He often works his favorite artists' pieces into his interiorscapes as a way of showcasing his appreciation of their work. His detailed landscapes and interiors attract art enthusiasts by their inviting warmth and subtle colors. 

Artist Fanch Ledan continued evolving his printmaking techniques by studying serigraphy, which became his favorite medium for creating original prints. Though Fanch Ledan's prints don’t contain the human form, his interiors depict an occupied space by showcasing articles like a pair of glasses or a cup of coffee. Find imaginative serigraphs for sale online and at auction to enliven your home or office.