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Edna Hibel


Born in 1917 in Boston, Massachusetts, artist Edna Hibel’s painting and lithography career spanned 60 plus years. She first learned watercolor painting at the age of nine during summer vacations with her family in New England. Paper, silk, wood veneer, and porcelain were materials used to produce some of her artworks. Edna Hibel art prints include many sentimental portraits of mothers and children that project the peace and innocence of youth.

The Arte Ovale series by artist Edna Hibel was created using her own technique for transferring lithographic color separations to Bavarian hard paste porcelain. This was always a long process, as much of her lithographic artwork contains up to 32 different colors. A larger scale reproduction of her United Nations stamp Mother Earth is popular among Edna Hibel prints for sale. Find a piece of artwork that speaks to your family dynamic by viewing marvelous portrait prints online.