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Earlene Moses

Earlene Moses has achieved a place of prominence in the art world by creating images that preserve the beauty of rural English and French cottages and landscapes. Because of her attention to detail and use of color, her work stands out and brings a sense of warmth to her admirers.

A California native, Earlene Moses attended the University of Texas. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art and then proceeded to enter her work in various exhibitions and juried shows. At these exhibitions and shows, she received numerous awards, including International recognition as “Best of Show” in Ramstein, Germany. In addition, she has been featured in many “One Woman” shows and her work has been consistently acclaimed because of the broad scope of its appeal.

As a result of Earlene’s expertise, she has appeared on television and has received praise internationally for her series of lectures. Besides being such an accomplished painter, she is respected in the academic community for her ability to teach and is a sought after speaker in the art world today.

Earlene’s choice of subject matter is based upon her desire to capture the tranquility that used to exist and still does exist in places untouched by the turmoil of the 20th century. She presents the viewer with serene images associated with simpler times and is recognized as an expert at creating images that are pleasing to the eye.

When her original oil painting, entitled “Early Morning Sunlight,” was featured on the cover of the magazine Orange County, the response was unprecedented. People found themselves mesmerized by the effect that this serene and beautiful image had on them. Through loving attention to detail, Earlene has been able to depict the ordinary in such a way that the extraordinary is everywhere.

People are drawn to these images because they represent those elements found in peoples’ dreams. The duck ponds, the lush landscapes, and the simple elegance of Earlene’s cottages truly capture a style of life, which gives the viewer an incredible sense of peace and harmony. People everywhere recognize the irresistible charm of Earlene Moses’ country scenes. They are images that people want to share with the people they love. Like fires in the fireplace on cold winter nights, her paintings bring warmth into the hearts of people who still take the time to dream beautiful dreams.

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