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Christopher Pardell


Artist Christopher Pardell’s work combined realism with romanticism to bring the Old West to life. Many sculptors of the time used drawings to plan their pieces, but Christopher Pardell’s sculptures were created after making small 3D models of his visions. His main subject was Native American culture with specific attention to accurate representation, and he would first reference books to make sure the historical context was correct.

Later in his career, artist Christopher Pardell taught others sculpture and moved from creating commercial work to focus on commissioning larger monuments. Christopher Pardell’s artwork for sale includes realistic bronze sculptures with patina finishing, which makes each piece unique. You can go to online auctions and galleries to view other bronze sculptures for sale by varying artists in this medium to add value to your fine art collection.

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Christopher Pardell, "Strength and Honor" Limited Edition Mixed Media Lucite Sculpture with COA.

Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 10:00 AM PST

Estimate $4,872 - $6,090

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