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Brachi Horen


Born in Jerusalem in 1981, Brachi Horen spent her formative years working under the renowned artist Sylvia Bar-Am, winner of the Israel Prize for Art. Horen credits these interactions for sharpening her technical skills as an artist, but also states that she inherited Bar-Am’s drive for expressing truth through the medium of art.
With time, Horen branched out and her expertise widened under the tutelage of other famous artists such as Chasya Leshinsky, Binyamin Bustiker and Penina Frank. Perhaps her most important professional relationship is with the world renowned artist Yitzhak Holtz, a relationship Horen says continues to influence her direction in the world of art.
In addition to Horen’s oil paintings of the Holy Land, she also creates parchment sketches, bringing to life biblical and authentic Jewish scenes. At times, she integrates these pieces with biblical verses and Jewish prayers. These parchment sketches combine various artistic techniques such as ink, water color and charcoal sketches, including gilding with 23.5 carat gold leaves.
Together with her original art, Horen also produces mix-media creations using special giclée-style printing on special handmade Indian paper. Every mix-media creation receives personal attention in form of color touch-ups and gilding.