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Bob Dylan


“His brushstrokes are like his voice: straightforward, rough, occasionally fragile. He’s not after artistic perfection but something larger, a moment, a feeling. The effect is enthralling.”

He’s celebrated across the globe for his revolutionary music, with the Independent newspaper naming him ‘the most important figure in pop-culture history’ in 2011. But it isn’t just songs like ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ and ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ that have made Bob Dylan one of the world’s most influential people; his foray into fine art continues to take centre stage.

Upon their first release in the Drawn Blank book in 1994, Dylan’s sketches wowed critics and viewers alike with their confident hand and raw honesty. Capturing his chance encounters and observations whilst on tour, the release of The Drawn Blank Series in 2008 marked his UK fine art debut.

Likened to works by Pablo Picasso and Paul Cézanne, his paintings have been described by the Guardian as ‘evocative celebrations of life itself’. Dylan is lauded for his signature loose lines and instinctive brushstrokes, with later works embracing a bolder, more stylistic approach. Subsequent collections – including The Beaten Path, The Brazil Series, Train Tracks and Mondo Scripto – have created a new legion of Bob Dylan fans worldwide.

In 2019, he held his retrospective Retrospectrum exhibition at MAM Shanghai, which went on to open at Today’s Art Museum in Beijing in July 2020. Featuring his artistic output to date, the tour will cover Asia, Europe and the USA.