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Alexandra Nechita


Artist Alexandra Nechita's first art exhibit occurred when she was 8 years old. Though she wasn't familiar with Picasso, her work in featured characteristics of Cubism Art and garnered worldwide accolades and recognition. Her vibrant, emotionally evocative work continues to be celebrated by art lovers and collectors, and Alexandra Nechita art for sale is regarded in high esteem.

Today, artist Alexandra Nechita maintains her work in cubism painting in her Los Angeles studio, also venturing into metal and glass sculpture. She relays the message of peace through her work, and her signature hands and dove are a recurring image in Alexandra Nechita paintings. Nechita, a tireless philanthropist, collaborates on projects bringing art education to schools and promoting peace in the world. Her paintings, Garden of Peace and Make Peace with the World are examples of her popular work. Find modern and vintage lithographs for sale at Invaluable.